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i dont no much bout this but could i use a obd2b honda data ecu or is there a point i have a 91 crx si d16a6 gonna be turboed just wondering if that is good or not i dont no much the guy is askin 350obo for it someone want to help me out with this and also i saw he is selling a msd 6a for 160obo i dunno do i need that just needin some help
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You mean Hondata? If he's only asking 350 I'd wonder what the deal is. Find out what model it is. For 350 it may be one of the old ones. Hondata ecus are goodness. I'm not knowledgeable about the differences between OBD1-2 ecus so I don't know if you can plug one in, but I don't think you can.

BTW, 160 for the MSD 6a is a mediocre price. You can buy a new one for 180 plus tax.
Crud. I don't know enough without seeing the plugs. I just looked up that model on Hondata's website and found a picture. This may help you. I don't think it's gonna fly without rewiring.
Oh, one last note about the MSD 6A. I purchased one used as well. My advice is to spend the extra $20 or so to get a new one. Then you have new instructions and the wires won't be cut to fit someone else's motor.
not worth it to get an OBD2 ecu. just get an OBD0-OBD1 jumper harness and find an OBD1 ecu
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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