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Hey guys, hope ya'll doing good !
guys i need some help on the wiring up a d16w6,
the dual vtec d16w6 with cops. its in a ES manual.
got it cheap cause the previous owner fried the wiring. but thankgod it was only till the gearbox, so i got a cut loom,
the new loom wasnt available for d16, for the dual vtec and manual tranny.
and some hitech dude was running it on automatic ecu :D

im attaching the pictures of ecu, one is the old one auto one.
the other i bought is from a manual.
i did wired up the wiring by matching the colors
still fews wires were left out and some same color.
the engine started fine and idled fine.
but wont rev,
the thing, after like 20 mints when i fire the engine the rpm gauge would go up and suddenly down. then no reading at all.

the clean one the auto trans one, that was installed
the dirty one is the manual one as bought from junkyard.


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what year is the car?

just trace back the wires maybe you mixed up or forgot if some have the same colors.

do you have a shop manual with wiring diagrams to follow.
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