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I have a Rover 416 with a Honda D16A9 engine in it - it does not have a CAT or lambda sensor or OS2 sensor.

(1590cc DOHC)

When the car is warmed up, when I go to change gear or stop the engine often cuts out. Even if it doesnt cut out it spends 3-4 seconds at 300rpm before picking up.

The problem doesnt occur when the car is cold; the car also drives just brillaintly and when it does cut out it will immediately restart but often cuts out straight away - cant find idle.

I have:
- Adjusted then changed the throttle position sensor (TPS)
- Tried various base idle positions
- Tried adjusting CO2 to see if different fuel mixture will help (also changed IMA adjuster)
- Changed MAP sensor
- Changed coolant and air temp sensors
- Changed atmospheric pressure sensor
- Changed the IAC / EACV
- Changed the ECU
- There are no codes on the ECU
- Cleaned the throttle body and Inlet manifold
- Done a compression test
- Done a head gasket test
- Changed the timing belt
- Checked the ignition timing
- Checked for vacuum leaks
- Changed the HT leads and the distributor (including coil, amp and rotor-arm) ** changed this about a year ago cos of other problems - so I wouldnt have thought it could be this????*
- Gone mad

Any ideas please?

Someone out there has to know what this could be :(

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i bet you 1 million dollars it's dry solder joints on the main relay. actually i don't as that's normally the problem when you've stopped and can't start again, but it may be worth a look.

the main relay is down by the bonnet release mechanism. you can either resolder the joints on the pcb yourself, or buy a replacement (£45 ish from honda, rover are probably cheaper)

anyway good how to from marklammond here

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Thanks Ian.

I will give it a try.

I wonder though if the problem I am having is a common problem with the ECU or ignition amplifier?

Anyway, I see you have the same engine in your car...are they great or what? :D

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The problem only appears after several hours driving after resetting the ECU. (I have already tried changing the ECU).

It almost seems that the ECU is picking up on some kind of problem and then trying to adapt, or change the way it runs the engine - but screwing it up in the process.

Any other ideas please? :)

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i have a crx with the d16a9 1.6. they dont have an air flow sensor do they?its just iv got a supercharger an need to trik it into giving me more fuel any ideas?cheers
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