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Which setup is best from my question?

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Hi guys. I am looking forward to do a minime on my stock honda civic eu1(normal version of ep3) this car has a d15y3 non vtec engine. I want to convert it to vtec. I have 2 options:
1. Use only the cylinder head of d15b 3 stage vtec with stock head cover(without spark plug distributer) and stock wiring and ecu and add a piggyback with tuning to simulate the 3 stage vtec.
2. Use cylinder head with cover, spark plug distributer, ecu and wiring of d15b 3 stage vtec.

Please advise which one is better. First option cost more. I really appreciate all help.

Note that I am from mauritius and we do not have much option in terms of engine and a k swap cost twice the price of the car itself(without brake suspension etc)
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