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I know i have posted something similar in the past, but my responses were very limited. Im curious as to who has used the HKS turbo manifold for a D series turbo. I see that it bolts a T25 up to it and that is what i plan on using. Im not looking for balls to the wall power, but i want something that will give me awesome spool, with better than average power. I am sure this is the route i want to go. Im digging the turbo (largest t25) at . i have a goal though. Turbo D16 that retains factory A/C. This is the fun part. Let me see pics of all HKS manifolds no matter what engine it is used on. Let me see all D series turbo picks no matter what year its from. I need to start doing homework because i dont want to pay for something time and time again. I want as close to possible as a one shot deal.
HKS mani w/T25 turbo. what do you think. sorry, i think you would like to know that this is a 90 crx Si with a D16y8 engine, OBD1, (will use hondata when turbo), zex street strip cam...
ps. im representing for the D series:).
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