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Doesn't stink all the time but somtimes it's noticeable. Should I through a high flow cat on it to cut down on the smell, help burn the rest of the unburnt fuel.
Or do you guys think leaning out the mixture at idle would fix the smell.
This is my daily.
I have a good size resonator so it's not super loud, I also am thinking with the cat it would be just slightly quieter witch I wouldn't mind.
Trying to just have a deep low exhaust note.
Atleast the lowest I can get with it being a d series and a 4cyl lol 馃槄

What if I had like 5 resonators 馃ぃ

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What the fuck is your goal?

When my old "thoughts" with a D from 20+ years are vilified on Engine Masters this month.....y'all have no clue.

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Ive had plenty of D engines with no cats, and no smell.

Sounds like the engine is not burning happy, or you have a mechanical or sensor issue.

Time to dive into diagnostic mode, check sensors, read the spark plugs, check valve lash if compression reads weird, check for oil burning, check for coolant burning, etc...

Motors stink when there is unburnt crap passing by.
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