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Just to start off, I am computer illiterate and change my setups to much to try and understand Turboedit and I dont trust it.
Ive got a 89 Crx Si with a d16a6 motor, slightly built bottom end with headwork.

I plan on running 15psi on this block and 20 psi on my nice built block. I would like to use the safc 2 and an msd 6 btm.

I really dont know what to ask other than does it work...

I know soething about the afc advances your timing a good bit but that will be reversed with the msd btm right?

I already have the msd btm and I already have a chipped turboedit ecu and burner, but id like to sell them to buy an AFC unit, just for the ease of use factor.

I also have a twintec digital display wideband that i will be using to tune with. i really dont know what to ask yet other than if it can be done and fairly reliably for a nice street car on 93 octane.

What problems would I see? Im sure I'll have more questions when people try and help me out

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AFC only really good for 10psi tops.. all u need is a good set of injector and a good fuelpump..i've seen people goes as high as 16psi for drag but mostly 10psi tops for street use.. if you really want to go 20psi u need to stick with turboedit or some other form of Standalone system.

this is my setup
Haltech F5 controlling 2x450ccDSM injector
MSD 6BTM with msd blaster coil
missing link for stock ecu controlling stock injector
walbro 255 fuelpump

my DSM injector are tune to come online rite before it hit 0psi then max out at 14psi..which is a bit over kill but running rich untill i can get this badgirl to the dyno.
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