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i've been a honda addict for almost a year now. god, i tell ya it's a tough life. i get a lot of stick about my addivtion but now i'm glad i have some support :blue:

story guys? thought i loose my cherry and just get my first post outa the way.

i drive a 1995 civic sedan LSi which is a european model for those that dont know. (when i hear people going on about EX, DX, etc. i have NO clue which is better than the other so clue me in and excuse my irishness)
anyway the banger is black, got plenty of dents (irish roads put dirt tracks to shame), it's got a D15B2 DPFI (the beast!) and its great fun to drive! it's got 150 i've-been-clocked-too-much miles on it, it's worn the piston rings pretty good (the smoke at high rpm is comic :icon_frown:) and last week i discovered all the track rods and ball joints are worn to some extent. all i can say is thank GOD for ebay!
this car is a fiddlers dream! and... i love fiddling! not the kiddy kind! just rippin engines, gearboxes and electronics to pieces.
the car has got, so far: 4-2-1 exhaust, k+n filter, home made induction kit, de-cat :ssst:, modified throttle body + intake, and otherwise stock.
i'm poverty stricken so modifications will come slow and very cheap, so , if you're looking for a big build thread with lots of pics, i'm not your man! but i will post a few pics of black betty just for entertainment sake.

k i'm tired
looking forward to a long a fruitful relationship :fingersx:

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ireland is tits.

take it from a puerto rican skinhead that loves to listen to dropkick murphys.
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