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Hey guys hows it goin, just thought I'd introduce myself to this forum. I've been a Honda owner for a long time, My first Honda was a 91 Intergra RS, then 98 Honda Accord EX V6 and a 00 Honda Odyssey, then a 91 Honda Civic CX (project car). I still have my 98 Accord and 2000 Odyssey, but I just bought myself a 98 Honda Civic Si Turbo!! Couldn't believe it was a SOHC Turbo when I went to the dealer to see it, ( I don't think the dealer knew either, and what I paid it was official that the dealer had no clue what they were selling) anyhow I pick up the car Monday and Im going to have alot of questions regarding my set up. I know nothing about turbo's so the more help I get the better. Anyhow I think thats enough for now, without a doubt I'll be a post whore in no time.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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