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Is it safe if I use the switch that came with the wet zex kit as an armed switched and then have a button on my steering wheel to spray as much or as LITTLE as I want. I am not sure if I have to spray the full ten seconds or if I used a button and just tapped it for a second or tapped it a couple times to try to keep traction if it would mess anything up.

so heres what I am saying

normal setup
-----------switch included with kit-----------
spray for ten seconds when armed

i want to do this
------------switch for armed--------button to spray-------------
and not spray the full ten seconds

Is that safe??? what are some suggestions or outcomes by doing it this way... this is my first nitrous kit

check out my pic gallery for my list of mods if that is a factor

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I dont like the toggle switch

I dont like the toggle switch, i would rather arm it with the toggle and use a push button to spray i have a wide open throttle switch that the toggle is connected to

I just wanted to know if it was dangerous to not spray the full 10 seconds, i think letting go of the button on my steering wheel is quicker than turning off the toggle switch, i want to have the toggle to arm it and the button to spray, you know the toggle will be my safety and it can only spray anyways at WOT

i would really like to be able to tap my button to keep traction

just wondering how safe that is, like backfire, and shit

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I dont think anyone is following me

here is the setup

I have a wide open throttle switch, then a toggle switch---that is as far as the stock set up goes

i want to add a push button to the toggle switch to turn it into an armed switch


I want to flip the toggle switch to arm it but it WONT SPRAY UNTIL I PUSH THE MOMENTARY PUSH BUTTON
Can I spray just a little tap on my push button and it be safe? Like half a second, one second, two, three, you get the point
PS I have self control for not holding down the button until i redline and eventually bottomline(if you know what i mean)BOOM! there goes the block :p

My motor has 176,000 on it and it is a stock D15B7

The Zex kit is a WET SHOT spraying ~55HP it has the electronic silenoid with a wot switch

Oh yeah another good question is this is the ELECTRONIC SILENOID that is why i am asking if its safe

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i started hooking it up today

i have an electronic zex solenoid that comes with the zex wet kit
both solenoids for fuel and nos are built in along with a WOT switch

the wide open throttle switch connects to the tps sensor

you tap a wire and program the solenoid computer by turning the key on and off three times or something and stomping the gas then the light blinks on the solenoid comp and it is programmed

I am going to have a toggle switch to arm my nitrous(arm as in make it so when i push my button it sprays the arm switch is for safety) then i will have the button on my steering wheel to spray when the toggle switch is armed

i will also have a purge button on my steering wheel

i just wanted to know if the electronic solenoid would work with a push button

if you cant comprehend the armed button just imagine i am using the zex solenoid with a push button and wot built into the solenoid

i wanted to know if that was safe if the electronic solenoid would allow a push button... i dont see why not but i heard the electronic solenoid sprays for 10 seconds

i guess dude answered my question

the setup was really easy though, for fuel i tapped the line from the fuel filter to the rail with a t fitting and hooked up everything but the wires to the solenoids and the nitrous line to the bottle

i want a 1.5l obx bottle to go in the glove box and drill a hole in the firewall
how many 55 shots and purge taps is that roughly

i have a 10lb bottle and dont want to run the line to the trunk
where is the best place to run the line on a del sol

i havent jacked it up to look but the frame rail seems like it bends past the trunk and would be hard to continue running i want to run it in the frame rail

i want to spray 1st through third at the track so traction would be a problem im sure in 1st
is it safe to tap the button(like they have a kit that sends pulses to the solenoid to keep traction so isnt tapping the button the same thing)

oh yeah and i was curious on a stock 1.5l with 176,000 miles if a 75 shot would hold up, check my pic gallery for bolt ons, i have intake, tb, im, ex
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