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help with my D15B VTEC

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ok so here's the skinny... a while ago i blew the old D16Z6 and i had to swap in a D15B 3-stage VTEC.. cost me alot and the mechanic gave the car back with the check engine light on.. he told me to hold onto it cuz he needed room in his place to work on other cars and the car could "run" anyway.. Well i finally took it back and he's puzzled by the car because he cant seem to figure out what's wrong with it.. the computer says its the MOP/BRO sensor (a friend told me thats the MAP/Barometric Pressure sensor).. any ideas?

I've been having a problem of going past 80 MPH the computer will limit it and wont let the engine rev past 5,500 rpms on 3rd (ATX) and sometimes while driving it wont go past 5,500 rpms on any gear.. any ideas? please help cuz this is urgent and any help is appreciated! thanks!
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well getting back to the main topic (after seein my thread gettin jacked lol) Speedjunky, the green wire is for second stage activation and yeah i'm wiring in it up that way to see what happens. i dont think its the MAP sensor because 2 MAP sensors cant coincide in breaking like that.. my cousin whose a mechanic told me that its possible, however unlikely, that the oil which spilled over the tranny case could have shorted out two sensors that were directly under the distributor. They are both mucked up with oil and stuff..
For anybody thats watchin/readin this post i thot i'd let yall know we just put in the new distributor and new transparent cap and rotor.. replaced the Z6 vtec solenoid with the dual vtec solenoid.. car barely starts and i'm guess its due to the first stage vtec that causes it to run rich and therefore struggles to spark up.. tomorrow i'm replacing the battery terminals and doin the wiring work for the solenoids.. wish me luck!
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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