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I have a 87 Integra (86-97 D16A1, aka Browntop ZC) with a blown head,
stmotorsports has a head, dizzy, sensors, from an 88 integra available for me

I've been told that the 88-89 D16A1 (aka Blacktop ZC) uses:

A different distributor with different mounts to the head
A different connector to the wiring harness for this dizzy
A different crank angle sensor (right term?, part next to dizzy)
A different ECU to run all this

In the thread '88-9 Distributor on '86-7 Cylinder Head on the DOHC D topic area( )
reveals that one can mount a newer distributor on the older head by using just one of the legs on the dizzy.

My questions are:

Can I do the opposite of the above, and run the 87's Dizzy on the 88 Head, even if I just use one leg?

Can I use the crank angle of the 87 on the 88 head? or the crank angle sensor of the 88 with the ECU that comes in the 87?

Basicly, can I make this work?
I thought I'd ask the people in know, you guys! so let me know your input, expierences, thoughts.

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