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To All

Please no stupid replys as i know what i am ateempting is difficult and will take alot of work.

I have a 1995 integra with a sohc zc. It was originally a twin carb zx jdm model. I have chosen to take this car on a path which has caused me physicall mental and finacial pain, but i have loved every minute of it. Most peolpe told me to sell it and buy a better model to satrt with but where is the fun in that lol. This is i think the only integra in the uk set up lilike mine and this makes me proud aswell as stupid. So to the serious stuff:

The car has had:
Rear disk conversion
itr arbs's with asr brace on the rear
upgraded front calipers
front and rear strut braces
Koni yellow shocks with spax springs
front and rear camber adjusters on the way
The car is currentlly in the paint shop to were it is being totaly striped and painted.

sohc zc ithink similar to d16a6
it now has itbs
stand alone ecu omex 600
new injectors
fuel pump
new igniton ecu controlled.

Now Why is this in turbos section you ask?

Because after doing my home work i have realised that its cheaper to turbo than to swap in a b or get 200hp form the d na style. Now i must admit i love n/a and if i had the money iwould go thast route but i dont.

So im asking for all the help i can get creating this totaly one off itb turboed dseries integra which i belive will be the only one in the uk.


1. I have a t28 turbo from a freinds 200sx i know this will need an adapter to fit most manifolds is this suitable for the 1.6 engine will it spool quick enough etc..

2. The air box that needs to be manafactured needs to spread the air evenly over the trumpets any one have any expereince in making one

3. the car currently runs using a tps sensor but i belive i will need to use a map sensor. Where does this sensor get its reading from and where would it be placed.

4. Iknow most people say stay away from ebay kits but if im using adiffrent turbo anyway could i just use all the other componets and then sell the cheap turbo on, or should i try to peice together a kit.

5. Any one in the uk out there that could help i'm based in herts.

this turbo project is just starting and is going to happen so all the doubters please refrain from the usal forget it you should .......

All help with will greatfully be recived and hopefully with all you great deseries experts out thre it will be the great one that im trying to build. I will post some pics of the car from when it was standard to its current state.

once again thanks for alll or any help you guys give this project.

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turbo itb.... awesome honkie... look in for the air box... i seen one on there at one point.... put the map sensor on the air box... thats all the input im gonna feed for time is limited right now..... good luck keep us updated
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