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'92 si hatch
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So im trying to build a single knowing that i can no longer afford anything in doing so, i would love some help as to where to start!!

Never really got into the single cam world but always had a taste for it.

Now my concern is..what do i do and where do i start!!!!??? I drive a 92 civic si.

ive been doing some readings and my intention is to build an engine for circuit racing..always wanted to do it..never got the chance until now.

ideally i'd like to capitalize on power WITHOUT completely N/A....any help would be great help!

just not sure what to do! lol..people tell me to get cams, cam gears, intake manifold, headers, and then start playing with internals.

after spending some time on this forum and reading around, alot of you guys seem to know what you're talking about so i would like absorb you're knowledge and become part of the D-series scene.


93 Legend L Coupe.
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Car building via the Beaver Method:

Phase one: Familiarization and safety enhancements:
-tires (maybe rims, but not 17s or larger)

Phase two: Increasing knowledge base
-BUY a helms manual and read it
-Chipped ECU
-Tune your stock engine

Phase 3: Build an engine
-Pick NA/Turbo/Nitrous/SuperCharger
-Set a budget
-Acquire parts
-Acquire procedural knowledge
-Build the effing thing

Phase 4: Next Level Poo
-Take all previous knowledge and experience, pool it together, mash it up with more info and trusted opinions and make something better/bigger/badder
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