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Ok here is the deal. After putting on my turbo kit, I get a no start. I have spark but no fuel, only part of the fuel system that was touched was I upgraded injectors, car already had a walboro pump.

I pulled the fuel line before the filter and get nothing with the key in the on position, and nothing while cranking.

So I think initially it is the relay, so I get another used one from a local guy. Still a no go. Relay doesn't click at all when the key is turned to the one position but can be heard clicking twice while cranking.

Today I pull off the cover and test the black/yellow wire just before the fuel sending unit, when the key is turned to the one position I get nothing on the multimeter. When cranking with the multimeter on DCV 20, it reads between 7-8.

Meanwhile I have the fuel line still off sitting in a container, and I smell gas. Go and look, its full about to overflow. Sooo, I'm getting fuel the the fuel sender unpluged, its getting fuel, to say the least I'm confused.

Any imput would be appreciated.
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