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Okay guys/gals. I don't have a great deal of cash but I gotta get my rex on the road.

I need a z6 or y8 head. ->Purchased via junkyard for $45<-

OBD-1 injector clips ->I have injectors just need the clips<-

88-91 CRX Driver's Side wiper arm. ->Got from a guy on here thanks <-

88-91 CRX climate control thing ->local from a crackhead for $5<-

CRX center tail light piece (has the reverse lights and says crx on it) ->ghetto taped to pass inspection, I'll get it this summer<-

I'v got like $150 max to spend on this stuff, help a d-series cracka out:TU:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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