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I'm swapping a ZC head onto a d16a7 block, all the hard works done it's ready to go together except I'm having a hell of a time finding studs the right length.
The problem is the block is threaded for M10 1.25 thread but the ZC block was M12 1.75 so I cant use the original bolts.
ARP do a D16a6/7 head stud kit but not in the right lengths for the ZC DOHC head.
Even if they did a kit for the DOHC engine, they would be in M12 thread so would be no good to me.

I need them at 7 x 165mm and 1 x 175mm.

I've tried emailing ARP with measurements etc but havn't heard back.

I've tried sourcing grade 10.9 high carbon steel engineering bolts and studs but no-one seems to manufacture them over 150mm.

Can anyone help me out here? I know not many people have done this before and thats half my problem.
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