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Help I had this problem with my car for a while now. I had this problem before The first thing I had my battery died on me like twice now. I have this yellow top optima battey. it died in the morning. I have a trickle charger snapon with a AGM charging style charger. The problem I got my battery in top shape tested it with a old school load tester battery. it tested fine after a whole day of charging. this batt. is about 4 years old.
I think Ive killed this battery by just letting my fan with key off. everytime also with that key on I have also a lot of accessories such as led inside my dash and my dam gauges etc..

So my batt. was charged ok for a whole week.
I currently have a AUX digital voltage gauge stinger brand.
My car for the whole week would not charge it stays like 11.7 volts steady 10.volts to 12.1 volts steady it don't go to 13-14volts hard.

I just kept an eye for this whole week on my voltage always at 10.v-12.1 max engine running.

also I had my battery always charging right after I finish work and it would seem to be hold a good charge.

last night while driving my car headlights dash and whole gauges accessories would go so dim and I saw my voltage gauge would go down to 8.9 volts my car died while driving. I had to push my car dangerously on the side of the road lucky three cars came and helped me push my car on the side I couldn't clutch start it.

lucky I had a mini jump starter jump pack in my car. I managed to get it started but the stupid car keeps on dying. and the voltage would do the same thing I lived like 2 miles down the road. I turned off my led interior floor lights and head lights left my jump pack on the car managed to get it started with voltage dying that sucks. I drove so dark at night with little lights on the road. fml. I got home checked my battery it was at about 12.1volts and then the battery went so dead after load testing to about lowest 8.1volts.

I again try to charge my batt. we have this batt. digital ttester at work that will test for bad cells in batts etc. I will have this battery try charging again at work with shop charger.

im just mad bc could it be my alternator be causing the trouble or my batt. at the same time now?
this alternator is about 4 years old too. so I have to get my batt. and alternator changed now???? wtf?
possible my battery was weak a weak ago and now my alternator couldn't keep up chargin it?

I will try charge my batt. at work with the big shop charger and retest it again with a digital dead cell tester.

so pissed battery? and alternator now both needs a change???
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If your battery is bad it will cause the alternator to work harder and eventually kill the alternator. Loose cables and corrosion can also be a cause.

You could also have a short.

Prob best to put a brand new battery and alternator in and check to see if it's charging.
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