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98 Civic DX w/JDM Z7, B000 M/T, nothing fancy, just functionally sound
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I'm pretty sure it is not part of the D15Z7 IM system, but if anyone else knows better please correct.

According to the vacuum schematic on page 11-B-106 of the Portuguese service manual it does not seem to connect that line to anything. But I only have that chapter translated, so there may be something else going on.

FWIW, about 3 years ago, when I couldn't find any other possible options, I spent many many late hours figuring out how to make a workable English translation of the service manual. I was only partially successful and able to just get Chapter 11 of the Portuguese version done. I've attached that pdf version here, so maybe you will benefit from it. (DualstageVTEC take note) If anyone can get the full 2,100 page service manual in English please send a link. Maybe that has been done since I last searched this forum IDK.

I've tried running the Czech (it's not Polish as has been described in other posts) version through online pdf translation sites but the word count/page count was too large and would not do the translation. I revisited it last night and actually got it to start to work by dividing the pdf into much smaller files, but it turns out that a lot of that manual version is made of scanned full page images, not even actual text elements that can be copied and pasted into translation software. Especially the Engine Block chapter. I think you'd need an OCR to read every page and then a translation made of that. It would probably be a complete timesuck and result in a totally useless mess cause nothing would line up with the original pages or diagram images. Ironically, it's probably the graphic design equivalent of fully swapping the D15Z7 into a USDM car.

So, yeah if anyone reading this can source the full digital version of the European or Japanese service manual for the EJ9, EK1, EK3, EK4, I'm down to go through the process of translating it as is possible. It's all gonna happen in my mythical spare time tho, so there's that to expect. The full Portuguese manual would probably be the one to locate. Meantime I'm going to see what more I can actually get translated in the Czech version, specific to the Z7. Some of the Z7 VTEC specific text and table sections look translatable. Pairing the nontranslatable Z7 engine diagram images to the USDM Y5 and Y8 manual diagrams is also potentially helpful for anyone needing that info. If anyone has a particular section they need done on the Z7 holler and I'll try to get that going sooner.

Update: F*ck yeah! I think I figured out how to translate most of the Czech manual! I'm going to post it up as a new thread as I get it done. It's a pain in the ass and will be in small PDF chunks, but there is a sh*t ton of useable info that is translatable to English. Maybe when I get it all done I will reassemble into one doc, but for now it's better than anything I've found yet resource wise.
That post here: <D15Z7 (aka 3 Stage VTEC/ Dual VTEC) Service Manual...>


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