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Hey guys I got offered a T3 Turbo . 63 and .48 for $100 bucks (CDN)
which is nice and cheap. It has no shaft play, so its got me really interested.
My question is weather this would be a good choice for my setup.

Im running a D15b7 and SI Head(z6) (MiniMi)

I think this turbo spools up pretty quick like 2-2.5K so it sounds to me like im
going to always be in boost, and never really taking advantage of VTEC or more
specifically the higher range.. Also I guess my gas mileage is going to really suffer since I will be boosting all the time.

Let me know if this is true or not.



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Boost depends on load. If you are not hard on the gas, the turbo won't always be spooling and gas mileage will be pretty good. On a recent trip, I was averaging about 30-35 mpg highway and I'm making 240whp.
A 0.60/0.48 will be spooling at around 3000 rpm depending on the gear...
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