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Howdy. I'm a noob when it comes to engine rebuilding, but we all have to start somewhere.

I have a D15B2 currently in a 1990 CRX Si, it blew a head gasket so I'm looking at my alternatives. Since this is my DD which gets 15-20k miles a year. My goals for the car/engine in priority order are:

- Reliability
- Run on 87 octane
- 40+ mpg
- 108+ hp

My driving style is more hyper miler than speedster. I spend 99% of my RPMs below 3200, but I still like being able to call down the power when needed. I was considering a mini me, so I bought the following:

- D16Z6 block with PM3 cams, hasting rings and ACL bearings
- Stock D16Z6 head with a D15B cam.
- The D16Z6 manifold is stock, but needs new injectors.
- Stock P28 ECU

But then I read that I would need to run 89 octane since it would ping at lower RPMs which I mainly drive. Well if I have to run 89 octane, I might as well put in a D16Z6 that runs 87 (the cost per mile would be able to the same).

Given my goals, what would you experts recommend?
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