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help 98 civic swap intergra

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my friend is parting out a 98 integra and i have a shot front passenger caliper on my 98 civic dx. What can i pull off his integra onto my car.

front and rear disk brakes
brake booster and cylinder
control arms?

i'm not really sure
from my understanding its all just bolt on swap
i've done some research but i'd like any more input if there is anything else to pull and any little feedback
i'm in norwalk if anyone wants to help or pull more parts for their own rig
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On the rear, it is my understanding that you pretty much want to grab the entire rear trailing arm as well. +1 on grabbing the prop valve, drum brakes need more pressure to operate, if you don't grab it, you will be prone to locking up the rears under hard braking. Also, I think your rear lower control arms are longer than his, you don't need those.

If you have a bad front caliper, get the front brakes off his car, again, get as much of the suspension as you can, at the very least, get it from the cast knuckle out. While your at it, see if you can get the booster and M/C too.

Edit: Is this for the same car that you, prior to making this thread, blew the motor up on and prior to that were talking about trying to do a $600 performance rebuild/overhaul on?
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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