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help 98 civic swap intergra

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my friend is parting out a 98 integra and i have a shot front passenger caliper on my 98 civic dx. What can i pull off his integra onto my car.

front and rear disk brakes
brake booster and cylinder
control arms?

i'm not really sure
from my understanding its all just bolt on swap
i've done some research but i'd like any more input if there is anything else to pull and any little feedback
i'm in norwalk if anyone wants to help or pull more parts for their own rig
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so i pulled everything off yesterday i got the four disk brakes, proportioning valve our master cylinders are the same, i didn't get the booster i got the lower control arms, the trailing arms the only problem is one rotor broke and all four shocks one of the shocks looks a lil tweaked so might not end up using the set.

all i need now are the cables right?

btw while disassembling my my car i looked at my axles they are in really bad shape i knew the boots were torn but there is practically no grease in them so i'm gonna pick up
a set tomorrow with some new front rotors and maybe a set of coil overs for "five bills"
or i might keep the two rear integra shocks and put two new front shocks not to sure yet
clarification all i'd need is the e brake cable or can i use mine or pull his off?
yes its the same civic i ended up putting a a mildly built d16y7 i took off another car.
yah i messed up and put his rear trailing arms on instead of mine i gotta go back and swap. it back, just waiting for my rotors brakes and front shocks to come in and i need to get a brake cable
i'm not getting the suspension and axels for five bills i'm just gonna use my front shocks in the rear and get two new tokicko blue coil overs in front
is the brake booster a big difference if i get it or not
my shocks are seized up i ended up buying a set of shocks and springs
1 - 8 of 18 Posts
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