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Hello i'm New

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hey guys i'm new to the site i've been reading for a while.

you guys seem to have a whole lot less hatred then the guys over at no offense to anyone by the way..
i've been seeing how much you power you guys pull out of these lil engines very impressive.. now i have the Mod bug for the little honda..

my first one, is the DPFI to MPFI seems pretty simple my mechanicle skills are not that great but i'm giving this a try. .only problem i'm having trouble understanding is the Fuel injector wiring. to the Resistor box.. and the Distrubitor wiring since i'm having a hard time finding a SI wire harness.
any way just wanted to say hi and ask my first question at the same time so i dont waste any space on the board.. thanks a bunch for all the info you guys have been posting its been Great help.. and what Head gasket Can i use on my stock D15.. non vtec.. to raise compression a tad bit i read it somewhere on here.. just cant remember which head gasket it was.. sorry if the post is long. thanks again
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welcome to the for'ms!

do a search to find more info on the mpfi swap

for the HG: some ppl remove the middle layer from metal HG's to raise CD(heard of ppl doin this on d16z6's atleast), or check out what aftermarget HG's are available

good luck!
thanks yep i did alot of research i have links but the wiring still has me scracthing my head..
welcome have fun take off your shoes stay a bit
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