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Hey guys, been lurking on this site for a while and decided to join since it's helped me a lot with the cars that I own!

Currently I daily drive a 1999 Honda Civic with a B16A swap in it.
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Hood Automotive design

My main project is a car that my brother and I bought about three years ago as something we could work on together. It's a 1999 Civic DX Hatch and came stock with a D16Y7. We ended up doing a ebay turbo set up on that stock engine and that engine eventually snapped a rod. Another D16Y7 went into the car and it ran boosted on a smaller Greddy turbo for a summer. Over this time we collected parts to do a vitara D16Y8 rebuild. Late summer 2016 we had enough parts to get going on the rebuild and that new engine is sitting in the car now waiting for a couple minor fixes and then a tune. The hood pictured on the car has been swapped for an OEM hood since the picture was taken haha. The bulk of the engine mods are;
D16Y8 block with stock sleeves
Stock head
Vitara 76mm pistons
Eagles rods
ARP headstuds
Stage 3 clutch (Yonaka or something like that I believe)
255 Walbro
750cc Duetschworks injectors
P06 ECU tuned with Crome
Engine Auto part Vehicle Automotive engine part Car
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Bumper Rim

Thanks guys, I hope to learn a lot more from this site as my builds progress!
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