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Hi i'm John.
I've decided to build my motor instead of swapping.

I would love some help with good part manufacturers and combinations of things that are known to work ect ect.

I have a 97 D16y7
I bought it bone stock, i've done everything that has been done to it myself. (or with friends + plenty of beer)

Mods so far:
DNA Lowering shocks with Spec-D coilover sleeves.
No name fart can from the junk-yard
Parts store "cold air intake"
Custom intake tubing plumage.
DC rear Strut Bar
Added Tachometer
Parts store "Racing" seats.

OEM replacements:
Entire, yeah Entire cooling system. Water pump, thermostat, radiator, hoses ect ect.
Timing belt
rear camber kit
lta bushings
valve cover gasket

Plus quite a few dress-up mods, such as painted red, fancy wheels, and plenty of stickers.

I make 100ish hp at 5600 rpm
my Goal is to make 150 at 5600 rpm
Boost in the future?

Tips and criticism are welcome.

D-series SoCal Division
93' dx hatchback
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Hello John and welcome to the forum.

Post pics of said car so we can help you with the build.
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