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Hello all I am happy to have found this site : )

I have a 1996 Honda Del Sol D16z6 and I love it. I want to build a D16Z6, or Y8 or a mix depending on how everything goes I want to have full built Engine and turbo around 15lbs of boost and I still want to be able to race but not only drag race. I would love to be fast enough to go to drag week in a SOHC Honda XD

I got the car for $1000 bucks and its in good order with a few things to fix but it is a daily so I plan on building the engine on a stand in garage until it's complete then doing a swap to minimize how long the cars is down for. I have seen a few good video's on build cost for SOHC 200(ish)whp (before turbo) and it will take time looking at dumping around 7,000 into it at the least.

(Pic will be here once I have ability lol)

For now it has the stock D16z6 with an unknown nice sounding exhaust and some Arelli Assasyn 17" rims. One day I would love to convert this to rear wheel drive car one day. the car is light and moves well In stock condition ( this engine offered 125 horsepower at 6600 RPM and 106 lb-ft of torque at 5200 RPM) <--from google not dyno| and it's fun. :yes:
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