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I'm new here. I signed up because I have an ongoing project and future plans that need some knowledge base. I've had a third generation Wagon RT4WD for about five years now. When I got it, it had a blown head gasket because the block needed decking. I searched for a while and finally found a fairly good condition, un modified 92' Civic DX sedan that was a little crashed up with a D16Z6 for a donor. I drove the Civic for two years before finally finding a shop that was into 90's Hondas that agreed to help me do the swap. Together, we have done quite a bit of work to get it to where it is. I'm still searching some parts, but the list is getting smaller all the time. I would love to create a build thread for it, but I don't know where that would be appropriate. Here it is as it sat in my yard.
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The donor car.
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