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1985 Chevy K30
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Hello everyone! I found my way here while searching for info on turbos and though this might be a good community to join for both of my "projects"! Lol
First, and what I am currently putting most of my time and resources into is a 1985 Chevy K30. It is actually a former military M1008, rated at 1.25 tons.
Its a turbo diesel, both firsts for me. I rebuilt a '96 6.5l, its 0.030 over, new low compression pistons, and rods, steel Scat crank, new cam, lifters, timing set. Basically the only thing not new is the turbo itself which needs replaced/rebuilt.
I also have a '92 Corvette. Mostly stock, it has nitrous, which I am still setting up, full poly suspension rebuild, 4 core Al rad, 11# Fidanza flywheel, new stage 2 (good to 450-500HP) open air box, relocated air temp sensor, Fuel pressure and wide band A/F gauges, shift light, nitrous control computer, stainless works long tube headers, random tech cats...true duals, New fuel pump, not installed yet.
Without the nitrous, I am probably looking at 310-320 HP, I currently have jets in for a 100 shot, about all I feel safe using on a stock motor.
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