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i know i sound like a idiot some one probly ask this question 10 years ago but i got a 96 dx and need to get headers what are the best headers . i dont know if ex headers will work i don kow if they got too o2 sensors pluse i know i got to get a cat converter
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peiku said:
well i have used hp racing headers on my crx and 92 vx w/d16z6. i dont know what the actual hp increase but when i ran my crx, i had intake and a muffler and i ran a 16 flat. then i put on the headers and use an 89 integ ecu and ran 15.6. in my opinion, its the best bang for the buck header out there. shit it only cost me 185 shipped on ebay, brand new. the down side is that it was chrome but didnt matter to me. just my 2 cents.
did the chrome finish fade or tarnish on the hp headers...i saw some dyno of them in SCC and they made like 7whp (dont quote)??

1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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