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i know i sound like a idiot some one probly ask this question 10 years ago but i got a 96 dx and need to get headers what are the best headers . i dont know if ex headers will work i don kow if they got too o2 sensors pluse i know i got to get a cat converter
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Ex headers will work, in fact work better, and give you more options as far as aftermarket exhausts go. You will have to extend your O2 sensors, depending on what you get. If you get a header designed for a 96-90 civic, you will only need to extend your second O2 sensor. If you get a header designed for a 99-00 civic, you will have to extend both.

I believe you will find that DC headers seem to be the best for the price
BseriesKllR said:
you have to do it....and its header for i-4 considering there is only 1
Oh boy... I went through this once when discussing the difference and options with cams.....
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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