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hey everyone wazzup?
i've some questions.
i'm thinking about getting the harnes of a crached sedan civic of my brother to use it on my new project.
but i'm not exactly what part of the harnes i need.
cause i'm working on an 82 2nd gen civic with a minime d series engine, and trying to go the fi way.
should i take all the wires off ?, or do i need only the wires attached to the ecu??????
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(Is it me or is this guy making no sense?)

Let's see you have a d-series engine that's had a mini-me done to it in an '82 civic. You want to do an FI conversion and you want to know what wiring you could salvage from your brother's crashed sedan that would help with your project.

What d-series motor are you running in your '82? And the crashed civic is what year?
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