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hard time starting in the morning or after a few hours

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my car has trouble starting in the morings. the first turn, it wont crank over, the second it will crank, third same, fourth same, fifth start for a second then die, then 6-10 itll fire up. i noticed that it does this pretty much when ever it sits for a long period of time especially when its cold. anybody have a suggestion?
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tps, EACV or 02 sensor
i would say check ur ignition switch,distributor components,battery connections, and possibly ur timing
could it be the fuel pump?? it has a brand new o2 sensor.
also on the second lick give it some gas and see if you can get it to run and then look behind and see if there is any type of smoke whatsoever
Dude could be a lot of things, COLD temp affect many things.

Do you have the correct OIL viscosity for winter time?
Is your battery and alternator ok?
battery poles and cables are rusted?
is your ignition working correctly?
Do you have a worn dist cap?
Are your sparks capped correctly?
Did you changed your fuel filter in the last 60K miles?
Are your injectors clean?

the list is long. Maybe more details may work
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i had a similar problem a while back and it turned out my spark plugs were gapped by an asshole. so, i re-gapped them and torqued them to spec. no problem since!
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