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I know this is D-Series, and i used to have a D. I sold it, and am looking to get back in the game building a car from the ground up. I found a 92 Civic in descent condition for $200. Gonna buy it if it isnt sold this thursday. I'm 2nd in line for it. I can get an JDM H22a with motor mounts, tranny, cai, and header for $500. The motor is good, but the tranny is bad. Here are my questions?

1. Trannys on ebay are about 500 shipped. Should i go ahead and get this tranny and rebuild it? Where, and how much are rebuild kits?

2. The motor mounts are from a 97 teg. I understand that these will fit an eg. Is that true?

3. I have never done a motor swap, but besides the motor, tranny, motor mounts, what will i need? Is the Will the ECU from the teg work on the eg?

4. The eg is an auto. What all will i need besides a manual tranny to do an auto to manual swap?

As of right now, i have a $700 limit to get the motor in the car and driveable. I understand its gonna be a little more than that, but 7 is what i have for it atm. I am pretty much a noob at motor swaps, so any articles, step by steps you know of would be a great deal of help. Thanks!

Only pic i have of the car right now.

Pics of the motor. If anything else works from this car, he is willing to let it all go cheap. Will anything else work from here on the eg?

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