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Guess What Came by the JDM Shop?!

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JDM Evo III, Intake, 3" turbo back, heavy duty clutch, coilovers, recaro seats, boost controller and other misc items.

I thought it was a mirage until i saw the RHD and the guy showed me his papers.

Very very Shagadelic! :IHI:
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any kind of numbers on it ..........?
That looks sweet!
SNIFF SNIFF i smell japanese Import rice (Then again is not qualified enuff) its Right hand
thats pretty sweet :TU:
Old school!
GOD i hate the 3's...
GOD i hate the 3's...
they hate you too......

afterall it was a evoIV that sabatoged the civic......:TU:

happy now, slacker....?
they hate you too......

afterall it was a evoIII that sabatoged the civic......:TU:
technically, i think it was a IV. that's what that body style mirage is.. dammit! lol
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yea it was IV
sorry, me and Low are going on about something else, lol.

there was a mirage in the US that that's body style.. the 4 doors are pretty rare, now, i guess, though.. i've seen 1 with my own eyes.. the mirage that i had, that i sold shortly before my civic died, was the IV style..
That totally looks like a mirage. . man. . .
US Mirage's are Lancers.. different name is all.. and a shitty engine
minus the graphics id DEFINITELY rock that shit
Yeah but the car is a jdm car unlike the millions of canada made honda in the states with their made in canada stickers removed and a jdm sticker on it.
1 - 20 of 21 Posts
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