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There's a good chance my Sol will be going to the Darkside(B-series). That being said, I'm guaging interest for my d16y7.

semi-Rebuilt, all parts listed below are new unless otherwise noted:

Piston Rings

Didn't touch anything in the head. The valve seals are still good. Blows/burns/uses no oil.

Started it up and let it get to operating temp and drained the oil + changed filter. Drove it 300 miles changed the oil again. Since then it's been changed every 2500 miles.

The motor now has 7300miles on it since the rebuild.

I'll include the header as well, maybe trade for a b header is prefered.

Known issues:
Previous owner stripped one of the bolt holes for the motor mount. It's been tapped and has a larger threaded bolt in it... I can also put a heli-coil in if requested.

Can include video of the car running

Motor $350
Auto-trans: $75

Shipping is not an option. Anyone in states surrounding WV I'de be willing to deliver for the cost of gas.
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