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After many lengthy searches on the internet and this site, I have not been able to find much information of anyone running a Garrett GT28RS (disco potato) on a DOHC ZC. I am currently running this set up in a Wagovan and just wanted to see if anyone else has or is running this specific turbo on a DOHC ZC. Found quite a few B16a's, but not on a ZC. Its still in break in (hasn't seen redline yet), but is quite healthy. So many people abandoning the ZC platform as a viable street engine, just wanted to see if any of you had run this turbo with a ZC before.

Here's a shortlist of this build:

DOHC ZC block- bored 75.5mm, notched/decked, CSS process, ARP headstuds
Pistons- Wiseco 9:1
Rods- Crower I beams
Head- In house ported, Rocket valve springs, competition valve job, stock cams
Stock intake/throttle body
PFab log exhaust manifold
Garrett BB GT28RS (kinugawa wastegate actuator)
Synapse BOV
3" downpipe to 3" converter, transitions to 2.5" full exhaust
A2W intercooler (front mount heat exchanger with fans and large reservoir)

ZC 3-4-5 (changing out the 5th soon so I can drive on the freeway, 3k rpm's at 60mph, very close to boost threshold)
4.25 FD
metal plate LSD
Integra axles and ZC intermediate shaft
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