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84-87 CRX HF cluster with VSS. 207,867 miles $100 shipped in the US

PE7 ECU $50 shipped in the US

PR4 ECU (B18A), chipped with a "Mugen" chip $50 shipped in the US

42200-SF4-008 NIB OEM rear hub $100 shipped in the US

18110-PE0-010 NIB OEM Gasket A, exhaust manifold $15 shipped in the US, two available

Quaife F6U1 helical LSD with speedometer gear and roller bearings (complete bearings are included, outer races not pictured) B18C/B16B fitment, Around 20 dyno pulls and 30 1/4 mile passes in an 800whp setup before being pulled, trans had no failures and the LSD is in excellent condition. $700 shipped in the US

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