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2000 EX Coupe
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Hello everybody!
Finally going to give this a shot. I have been lurking around for a little while, tons of reading, trying to learn how to navigate and such(search..ha) so bare with me.
Central Fl. checking in!
When I was in high school I had a friend who had a really clean EG hatch, it was my first introduction to the Honda realm.
I never got to get my hands on one, as time went on friends and people kind of change and somehow I wound up in the mustang game for a little while. But, again life happens and I sold everything I had to deal with cars! Was in the process of doing a TT 5.3LS for a 98 stang at the end.. wish I could have finished that one!
Fast forward a few more years (about 12/13 yikes!) a few less "friends", and a little more sure of want I want out of life.
I finally hit the market for a Honda.
July 19, 2021 I brought home my first Civic. 2000 EX coupe with auto trans and D16Y8 with about 230xxxish on the clock. Picked it up for $1200. Body is in pretty straight condition, few small dings here and there nothing major, paint is faded in normal spots from this wonderful FL sunshine. Neither of the windows were in working order, had a small oil leak ,all the window/door gaskets howled in the wind, front end needed some love a few miles ago, so she wasn't in the greatest shape, but has good bones. I have since fallen madly in love with my little car! Dropped tranny, replaced rear main seal, replaced all the important stuff on the front end, gave it a good tune up, threw some new rubbers on the doors/windows, timing belt/water pump etc. Nothing too "cool" so far, have added eBay front lip and some mud guards, picked up cheap set of wheels for it for now. Eventually its going to get some coil-overs and suspension work, and am planning on boosting (how I wound up here!). Still exploring my options and making a plan for what/how exactly I want to go about that part, Vitara builds seem to be the go to for cheap and effective, but I may want something a little more.. up to date? if that works. and obv that ol auto trans has got to go!
But anyway, getting long, ill hush. That's me and how I got here! Thanks to everyone who has left this treasure trove of knowledge here for us to explore, and to everyone else, surely we'll chat sooner or later!
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