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Hi, my name is Kai and i live in northern Germany.
I'm turning 40 soon and I'm clinging on to my youth by driving a del Sol ;) - here known as the 3rd gen CRX.

Well, driving is a bit far fetched.
I own two Sols, but none of them is in driving condition.
The yellow One is a '92 with a Z6 and the green One is a '96 with a Y8

The Z6 startet burning Oil at the begining of last Year.
If I drove it over 3000 rpm, let off the gas and put down the Pedal again over 2500 rpm, a huge black cloud came of the exhaust.
Since it's a common Problem with sticking Piston Rings on the D Series, I thought I could "unstick" it by driving in high revs.
So I took it on the Autobahn on regular bases - didn't help with the oil, but on Sunday July 3rd after a short drive with 200 kph (~120 mph) the rear right Tyre blew off at decelerating and so I crashed into the Guard Rail two times at circa 130 -140 kph (80-85 mph).
So I bought the cheapest del Sol I could find and now I'm trying to make one good car out of 2 bad ones.

The "new" One has a lot of Rust and a Front damage that is worse than it looked.
The seller said he bought it like that, drove it for a Year and let it sit for 6 Years.
I highly doubt that, because the Hood didn't close anymore - I thought it might just need some adjustment, but nope - the frame was so bent, that the Hood latch was about 3 cm or 1.25 Inch next to the lock.

Since both Cars are completly torn apart, I thought I can go all the Way.
I am a Mechanic and I run my own Workshop - so Labour is not the problem - maybe Time is.
There are some Questions running through my mind, but they are for other threads.
That's why i registered in this forum.

I bought the '92 in 2015 and here is what I've changed on it.
I leave out repairs and maintenance:

  • D16y8 Intake manifoild with B16 Throttle
  • Integra GSR Airbox
  • XTD Flywheel and Stage 2 Clutch
  • Header and Catback Exhaust made by TSS (German Brand)
  • Header Wrapped
  • 200 CPI Metal Core Cat
  • 4th Gen Prelude Seats and Shift Knob
  • B16 front Strut brace and reat Sway Bar added
  • All suspension Bushings changed to PU
  • Eibach lowering Springs 35mm (1.38")
  • Mishimoto Radiator
  • Iridium Spark Plugs
  • Leather Cover on the Stock Steering Wheel (with no Airbag)
  • Front Lip from the Civic EG6
  • Rear Spoiler by MS Design
  • Chipped ECU
  • Slotted and drilled Rotors in front
  • The Rims I had the Accident with were Borbet T 7x15 with 195/50 R15

The Mods on the Green one which were not on the Yellow one:
  • Koni Shocks
  • Rims DBV Arizona 7.5x16 with 215/40 R16

Until I finish the Sol I'm stuck with driving a first gen Smart Car Diesel.
The only good things I can say about it is: The Interiour is more spacious than you would expect from such a small car and it gets a great gas mileage. I Usually drive it around 3.5L per 100km or 67 mpg.
But it's a nightmare to work on.

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Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Car Vehicle

Car Land vehicle Automotive parking light Wheel Vehicle

Before and after

Wheel Automotive parking light Car Vehicle Land vehicle

This is almost how I bought it.
It came with Steel Rims and those are Stock Wheels of a Golf 3. It has the same Size like Stock Honda 15" Rims, but since it is not a Honda Wheel and not an Aftermarket with Documents, it is a hassle to get it Street Legal in Germany.
So I bought the DBV Arizonas you see in the following picture

Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Land vehicle

Here's a little Impression of the Rust I have to deal with

Tire Wheel Vehicle Car Motor vehicle

What it kinda looks right now

Car Automotive tire Hood Vehicle Motor vehicle

I have a new front mask, but here's the aligment of the Hood latch and Lock I was talking about

Water Automotive tire Bumper Automotive lighting Wood

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When I bought the yellow one, it didn' look much better.
Had also a few rust holes, which were covered up with body filler.
In fact it's the reason the car is Yellow - it used to be blue.

The green one gets a similiar fate.
I have some leftover Paint
So the car becomes either Lighning Blue from Mini or Hyacinth Red from Mercedes
Fluid Kitchen appliance Ingredient Red Gas
Fluid Eyewear Camera lens Sunglasses Electric blue

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I'm tending more towards the Red.
It's such a rich deep Color that I like and on the other Hand the Yellow One was blue when I bought it.

But on then again I like how the Blue changes the Brightness depending on the incoming Light.
Meaning it becomes a bright Blue in direct Sunlight and a dark Blue in the Shade.
Unfortunately I lost a Picture of my Motorbike (1982 Suzuki GSX1100E) where it was pretty good visible - especially around the Edges of the Tank.

But there's no rush, I have to do the Bodywork first and it is too cold for a Paintjob anyway.

I fixed the Frame today and putted the Front temporary together.
There's some things to be done underneath, but the fitment looks pretty good.
Vehicle registration plate Car Vehicle Grille Hood
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