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Hi guys,

I have a 95 civic dx 4dr, and I am looking to build the engine and then turbo it. I also plan to keep both AC/PS.

Does anyone know who makes a turbo manifold that works with AC?

so far I have some turbo parts that came off my turbo yaris.

I have a Garrett GT2860rs ball bearing.
tial wastegate

my car comes with a D15B2 engine and I would like to get a D16Z6 head to do a mini me.

plans for the engine:

The heads will be ported and polished. My goal is 350-450whp.

skunk2 Alpha rods
pistons - not sure. either wiseco or cp. I have read through a bunch of posts here of people using vitara. Does anyone know how much power they can handle?
supertech valve springs and retainers
ARP head studs
skunk2 cam gear
BC race cam stage 2
ACL race bearings
OEM Head Gasket
RC 1000cc injectors
walbro 255
Hondata S300
competition clutch stage either 4 or 5
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