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Ok i just bought a Greddy stainless header, and wouldent you know,, it doesnt fit!
here is the description;

All GReddy exhaust headers are made from stainless steel mandrel bent pipes and investment casted flanges. Main power improvements are made by the design and placement of the collectors to even out the exhaust pulses. Large primary runners make it a solid choice for your vehicle. 4-2-1 2 Piece Header 10551000 50-State Carb Legal Fits: 92-00 Honda Civic EX, 92-95 Honda Civic Si HB, 92-95 Honda Civic DX Used, came off my 93 Civic SI, in good condition. Email if interested and I'll send more pics.

I have a 95 civic DX, should fit right? but, NOT!
this header looks like it is spaced out 1/2" further than my head on the outer ports.

I have a d15b7- doesnt fit.
also put it up to a d16z6 head, same thing

is a 93 civic si that much different?

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ya, i was kinda dumbfounded when i got it all preped and layed it in and it didnt fit!! I checked the website and there is quite a span of models this will fit in, so kinda strange. the only thing that makes sense is that it wasnt in his car like he stated and just guessed or somthing--- who knows. i have emailed him to figure this out.

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damn, looks like negative feedback for him.
although that does not help my situation!
thoughts on the OBX header as it stands next to the Greddy?
looks like i might go in that direction.

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oh ya. i placed the gasket on the header and the ports are much larger as well. te ports on the outer edge go beyond the gasket about 1/2".
I was thinking about cutting it up, getting it all to the proper dimensions
then welding it all back together. but, sheesh, all that work! (could be done tho, easily, just will take too much of my time)
that is why im looking at the OBX.

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looks like you got "owned"

too bad. good luck. he sucks

btw, you could just buy a b18c1 and throw it in with that header though(a joke)

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reply from the dude;

yes it was on my own car, a '93 civic si,
i have no idea why it wouldn't fit your motor?!!
greddy made that header for that motor and it's even
carb legal for it.
not sure why it wouldn't fit.

me nither, i just know it doesnt.
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