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So I finally got the 92-95 civic "si" transmission from a retarded on ebay...

I read mista bone`s tranny page because he mentions that you can identify if it`s a DX/CX/VX or an SI/EX by looking at the casting numbers above the filler plug:


P20/A000 is for DX/CX/VX
P20/B000 is for EX/Si

Mine says A000; so based on that info I just got duped.

Is there any other way to identify this transmission?
Underneath the barcode sticker on the transmission it says C5F.

Any experts got any advice for me? I`d really like to know what I`ve got
because if it`s a DX i`m going to return it to cali and stuff it up hondarider`s ass.


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Do the math - figure out how many times the diff should spin vs. the input shaft when in a given gear.

Assuming you don't know the math, here it goes:

Typically in this situation you use 5th gear since the diff. will spin the least compared to the input shaft - that's a good thing when you've got to keep track of revolutions for 2 rotating things...

According to Bone's page, a DX tranny has a 5th gear ratio of .702 & a FD of 4.058.

First, take divide 1 into the 5th gear ratio. This will tell you how many times the countershaft turns when the input shaft is spun one time.


Then move on to the next gear reduction - the final drive. Divide the above number into the FD ratio to determine how many times it spins when the input shaft went around one time.


So, in 5th gear, when the input shaft spins one time, the diff. goes around .351 times. To make it easier to determine how far is .351, spin the input shaft 10 times. Multiply .351 times 10.


Now, go put the tranny in 5th, put a mark on the input shaft AND on the diff., then spin the input shaft 10 times while counting how many times the diff. goes around. The diff. should spin almost exactly 3.5 times. This will confirm that you got a DX tranny and you'll be pissed.

However, if it's an Si tranny:

The diff in the Si tranny should spin 3.14 times.

Now that I've shared this jewell of information that has been passed down from hybrid generation to hybrid generation. Please don't forget it and pass it along.

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