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Oh yeah i sold my old bike, was looking for another one (something 4 cyl from
Japan) and then BAAAAAM fell in love with this :D

It's a 2013 Buell XB12S, with some modifications mechanical and and to the ECU
(the ECU is completely open, there are Tunerpro definitions). It has sooooo much
more personality than any other Jap bike i looked at, i like it very much ;)

Negative so far - vibrated loose some stuff, lost a screw, turn signal, and not so
nice vibration broke off the mount of the oil cooler.
Those bikes have a lot of mechanical Problems. A lot. Like shattered oil pump gear,
breaking wheel bearings, rubbed-through and broken cables everywhere, loosing
stuff because vibrations, cheap rusting screws ......
Mixed metric and inch screws. :( That makes repairs.... interesting.
Does not like short distance drives at all!! Plugs will foul until no start possible.
Has annoying constant throttle hesitation under 3k RPM.
Is not suited for constant high speed driving at all, rear cylinder tends to
overheat. Plus the short wheelbase makes it sensitive to loose clothing where
you have to be cautious not to get wobbling in the frame at high speeds (how is that called?)

Plus - Bike is some kind of rockstar, everyone who is into bikes knows them
and likes them and i get talked into it very often ;)
Looks sexy! I mean come on, i fell in love when i saw it and after the first start
i just needed to have it be mine.
The motor is amazing. I like the shaking very much... and the low torque!
Sound is...very nice.
The handling! Sooooo nice, with the short wheelbase it is incredible fun!
(as stated before, just out of town not on the autobahn!)
Has some very nice and unique construction details that i like. For ex. the tank
inside the frame, oil tank inside the rear arm, outer mounted brake disc etc.

So as conclusion - i am absolutely sure this one will NOT drive for 15 years without a single
problem like my last bike (Suzuki GS500) . But yeah, like i said, this one has personality ;)

Aaaand the pictures :D


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Normal service parts can be had in any bike supply shop here.

The special stuff can still be bought through our HD dealer (although it takes a bit longer to
get to Germany) and there are some specialized (Web) shops here that sell most
of the stuff also. This is where i ordered till now, i bought a neutral switch,
an air filter, and an oil pressure sensor.

Buell parts



So yeah, this might be a problem one day, but not today. Also there is a whole crowd
of crazy people that construct their own parts and sell them, even here in germany.
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