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So after my 4th, 4th gen civic with a dohc zc decided to act up and i gave up on it and sold it for cheap.
So i got a very good deal on a 91 civic with a 2nd gen b16a and a ys1 tranny with a custom, quiet, better exhaust and short ram intake,ect, about 6-8 grand into it.I got it for $2800 and have $500 of extras pending for sale off of it.

Imressions of a 1st time b16a compared to the d

- The ys1 tranny makes the swap worth while ,it pulls hard, as if it had a supercharger,no lsd,but if you know how to drive,you dont notice wheel spin,but a lsd with the shortest geared b series tranny is a good investment.

- The engine spins up fast and stays in its power band no problem,easily reving 8500 rpm and if you know the proper way to launch a b16/b18c5 then theirs no waiting for the cross over (launching at 5500-6000 rpm)

-The exhaust is a stock manifold to a 2 1/4" cat then 2" piping to a 2 1/4" "genie turbo resonator" then 2" piping to a "flowmaster" muffler and its sounds very good.Good on the highway and stock sounding when cruising and awsome at WOT. Very impressed with the set up.

- Gas millage is the same as all my other d15s,d16s,sohc zc,and dohc zcs.

- The tranny makes up for being torque less but ehh , its a na honda, i dont think gsrs,ls or k20s are toquey either.

- The breaks are stock 91 civic with drums in the rear,brembo blanks and nissin pads in the front and yes, i warped them but they stop the 170hp,116tq powered civic fine,but 10.3" ones would be better i think.I am not a fan of rear discs, i had 19 vehicles and had rear discs and they seem to warp on me and i realy dont find the need for them, again thats me and my opinion.


- The avid mounts makes my engine vibrate like its running on 2 cylinders, and gets anoyng fast.The inserts in the mounts slip out after "spirited" driving and the rpm trips up to 8500 rpm .

- Torque lol what can i say,a DD / week end track ho , anything under 200ftlbs of tq still doesnt make this swap worth the money (to me).

- You have to rev to the moon to extract the potential of the engine and in a DD world, its not practicle,but in a road race or auto x, it would be fun.

- Came with a momo steering wheel and hub, and id rather have a stock 91 si one, this one gets anoying for DD conrers (too small).

- Over all, if you can find a good deal like i did, then do it. For me,id rather have a fully loaded car with more room,ac,power options and that all ads up in weight,but the torque from a smaller fast spooling turbo would realy make up for that.

- Iv been in srt4s, speed 6s and gtis and the only thing thats good about them (to me), is the feeling of toque you get.

-So in my opinion, for me, id spend the money and boost the disposable d's and enjoy the more luxury options and tq.

Just my 2 cents.
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