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Some may have noticed that I haven't been posting quite as much the past month or so. Besides the norm day to day business, I've really been working diligently on new product, testing, fitment, prototypes, pricing and approvals.

We're working on product that will be great for both the street cars/weekend racers and the all out drag builds.

Among the new parts are:

-NEW GO-AUTOWORKS Intercoolers. More of these will be made in house. There will be a few changes to the current backdoor fmic design along with 4 new intercoolers capable of supporting 900+hp.

-GO-AUTOWORKS Cam seals for the B/H/F series motors

-We will now carry Samco radiator hose kits in stock

-GO-AUTOWORKS large catchcans w/ fittings will be reg stock items at an excellent price. These will be included in kits w/ lines, fittings, and clock adaptors.

-GO-AUTOWORKS rear bumper difusers in both 1 and 2pc designs are on the way

-GO-AUTOWORKS stainless push lock wastegate/ebc vacuum kits are being assembled now

-GO-AUTOWORKS cnc'd vacuum logs will be avail with fittings and lines

-V2 drag wheels will be in stock w/skinnies (pending skinny production availabilty)

-GO-AUTOWORKS K Swap sidewinder turbo manifolds

-Performance manifold and downpipe coatings will be regularly available as an upgrade option.

More products on the way.

Details and pics to be added 10-15-09

We are pleased to announce the first of the new product line at GO-AUTOWORKS.COM. We've expanded our lineup to continue to supply our customers with more great products and services.

First up is the GO-AUTOWORKS Vacuum Manifold

- Rid your engine bay of all the messy T fittings. Our vacuum logs T into the main vacuum source and supply all the vac. accessories on your setup.

-CNC Machined and engraved logs available in black and clear anodized
-6061 Billet Aluminum
-1/8" NPT inlet and outlet ports
-(5) 1/8" NPT feed ports

-Each kit will include:
-Brass barb inlet fitting
-Mounting bolt
-(5) brass barb vacuum fittings
-(1) block off fitting
-(1) Vacuum T (will be included, not pictured)

List is $39.95
AVAILABLE now at $34.95 shipped via USPS 2-3 day Priority

Next we have the GO-AUTOWORKS Honda/Acura Cam Seals

-CNC Machined and engraved logs available in black
-6061 Billet Aluminum
-Double O ringed
-fits B/H/F Series

List is $29.95
AVAILABLE now at $24.95 shipped via USPS 2-3 day Priority

Another new product should be listed in 2-3 days...GO-AUTOWORKS 800HP Intercoolers featuring CNC'd engraved entanks, v-band inlets,high density bar and plate cores

GO-AUTOWORKS Push Lock EBC Vacuum Kit

-Kits will be available for single or Dual wastegate setups

-all threaded fittings are stainless and swivel fit

-kits are designed for setups with boost reference coming from the compressor housing

-if a kit is needed with fittings for other items (FPR/BOV etc) we can accomodate those as well

SAMPLE PIC: (EBC and compressor housing not included)

*Standard kit will include (5) 90 degree fittings, (1) T fitting
(*this may change to (4) 90 degree fittings and (1) threaded T fitting)


GO-AUTOWORKS GT Intercoolers

-The GO-AUTOWORKS GT Intercoolers will come in 3 different versions
-Our GT Series intercoolers will all use high density Spearco intercooler cores. The GT1 cores are rated at 800hp. The Endtanks are CNC'd, engraved and hand welded. The endtanks are designed to help induce flow across the entire core.
Standard 3" hose end inlet/outlets are included with a 3" o-ringed V Band option. Total GT1 dimensions with the standard hose ends is 36x11x3.5.


GO-AUTOWORKS GT Oil Catch Cans are here-
Individual cans w/ filters or purchase as a complete kit w/ lines and fittings !


GO-AUTOWORKS Stainless Clutch line kits for the 92-00 Civic/ 94-01 Integra w/ hydraulic transmission

GO-AUTOWORKS 1 Piece Aluminum Rear Bumper diffusers
-Easy install, allows air to pass thru the rear bumper (get rid of the parachute effect caused by the rear bumper)
-Precision CNC'd and engraved billet aluminum
-Available in black powdercoat finish
-Counter sunk holes for flush mount bolt installation
-hardware included


GO-AUTOWORKS B Series Block Breather Adapter Kit

-Kit comes with (1)1 billet aluminum double o-ringed block-off plug and (2) o-ringed screw in -10an x 28mm fittings. Black Anodized finish


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sweet.. sometime over winter ill be grabbing up a vac log and catchcan setup
i dont know what the problem is but i just cannot get rid of this little bit of compressor surge no matter what ive done so far

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I got my V2 comp wheels from Greg the other day (flat black)
I mounted them on my 24.5-8.5- 13 M&H slicks! they look great!
thanks again Greg! :D

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I'm pumped about it, we have a ton of exclusive product on the way! All the wrinles have been finally ironed out. Pricing and quality will be great as always. :td:
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