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Well I needed a replacement for my stock narrowband o2. I can get an abundance of GM o2's day in and day out so I got to reading. Did a few splices and took it for a drive. Oh damn my car runs GREAT again! I knew my stock o2 was on the shits and thought it "should" work. It sure does :) If anyone needs a new o2 hit me up I can probably get you one.

Stock Honda o2 wiring:
black wires are the heater circuits
green o2 ground
white o2 signal

2 white wires are heater circuits
black o2 ground
gray o2 signal

Simply cut the gm sensor and splice it to your honda connector. Worked like a charm. Wideband is showing a beautiful 14.5-15.3 switching a/f at idle, cruise and light throttle.
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