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well I fired up the z6 last night, this thig revvs loke a mofo for having a y7 intake on it...just to recap on the build I have pg6b pistons, head work, i/h/e msd 6al, msd blaster, all the goodies to make a fast honda pie. But here is my problem.....I have a z6 intake but have a 96 hatch, so the wiring harness will not work. also I have a y8 distributor on this z6 head held on at the moment with some vice grips (afro engeneering at its best) but I do have a z6 gutted distributor. The msd is not installed yet.

So here is the question, does anyone know how to make the z6 intake work (what the nessary changes are) the z6 intake would also be nice for the gsr TB that I have sitting on the bench beside it, and how to make the distributor work without welding new ears on the y8 dist, or what dist to use in this applacation. this hatch is still obd2 for the moment, untill I can find a p 28 computer (have a skunk2 chip waiting on it)

I am going to be seating the rings and cam tonight, so maybe with some help I can get this thing ready for the first drive tonight!!!

Thanks for the help in advance!!!!
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