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Gauging interest in JRSC / Jackson Racing Supercharger spare part run - Group Buy

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Hi folks,

Some time ago I produced a run of JRSC replacement parts that had been discontinued. It wasn't much of a profitable venture so much as it was a passion project. Since then I've been contacted a number of times about parts availability, but it didn't make sense financially to re-run this.

I wanted to put some feelers out and see if anyone else was looking for/interested in parts enough to warrant a group buy on these.

Parts would be:

-Pulley assembly and hardware
-Alternator bracket
-Crank Pulley
-3" and 3.2" Snout Pulleys

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I'm certainly up for any and all aftermarket support for these JRSC units, although I think 1320Perfomance already make a few items on your list.

Any chance of reproducing a JRSC crank pulley though? I've never even seen one for sale.
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