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Bit of an odd one this...So bare with me.
Couple of months ago I managed to break my temp gauge.
Since then I've been running another gauge cluster which was worked perfectly for the past couple of months or so.

Now,today on my way home from work,had the headlights on as its mad dark at 6pm, halfway through my commute home, I heard a sizzling noise and a puff of smoke appeared from around my gauge cluster and the gauge backlighting and heater control lighting went out.

Came home, found fuse for lighting had blown, and cos of the smoke I removed the gauge cluster.

Here's the's shorted out in 8places, all on the backlighting circuit! :confused:

Put my old cluster in + fuse and its all working properly.

Had a quick look at the back of the cluster, and it appears the circuit board at the back is quite easy to remove.
It has a part number of HR-0213-001-005 or maybe without the 005 on the end.

Probably won't work in any US parts sites as its a UK cluster,but does anyone know if the circuit board is available seperately?

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Not sure but I have a extra cluster (from a CX, not sure if the boards are the same) you can have if you pay shipping, thats pretty weird it shorted out in 8 spots like that. Is there anything back there that would allow any of the hot wires to ground out???
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